Carbon County Rural County Grant Program



The Carbon County Rural County Grant Program (RCGP) is designed to address the economic development needs of Carbon County, which may include:

  • business recruitment, development, and expansion;
  • workforce training and development; and,
  • infrastructure and capital facilities improvements for business development.

Carbon County has grant funds for potential projects. A dollar for dollar (50/50) match will be required. Cash and/or in-kind matches will be considered. Average requested awards will be between $1,000 and $10,000 though larger grant requests up to $60,000 may be considered.

Special requests may be considered if the Board feels the project meets the program intent as set forth by the State of Utah.  

Eligible applicants include the following:

  • for-profit businesses;
  • non-profit organizations; and,
  • local government entities.

All applicants must be located in Carbon County. Examples of eligible grant projects include, but not limited to:

  • affordable housing developments (excluding single (1) home construction);
  • infrastructure development (housing and commercial);
  • new commercial building construction and/or existing commercial building expansion;
  • new or upgraded equipment and/or machinery;
  • value-added agriculture expansion; and,
  • new or uncommon industry investments.

The following projects/expenses are ineligible for the RCGP:

  • project area is not located in Carbon County;
  • short-term payroll, utility or other operating expenses;
  • project does not provide business development, job creation or economic incentive to Carbon County;
  • applicant is not current on property taxes, has an invalid/unapproved business license or conditional use permit, or is in violation of any other applicable federal, state or local rule, regulation or requirement.

Upon submission of the application, the applicant will be pre-qualified and then required to present the project to the County Economic Development (CED) Board in order to be awarded funding. Applicants must submit the following documentation with the application:

  • current W-9;
  • business license issued by Carbon County or local municipality (if applicable);
  • documentation of matching funds;
  • and, IRS determination letter (nonprofits only)
Grant Application Deadline and Submission Details

Grant Funding Period: October 1, 2021-June 30, 2022

Applications are to be submitted to Carbon County Economic Development in one (1) of the following ways:

  1. Email:

  1. Mail: 

Carbon County Economic Development 

751 East 100 North, Suite 2600 

Price, Utah 84501

  1. In-Person: 

Carbon County Economic Development 

751 East 100 North, Suite 2600 

Price, Utah 84501


Grant Approval Process

Applicants will be required to attend and present at a CED Board Meeting before final approval will be given. The CED Board meetings are the third Thursday of each month at 3pm (subject to change if a quorum is not in attendance).

Reporting Requirements

Reporting criteria will be in coordination with the business but will require criteria including; jobs created, development progression, and overall business status over the duration of the project. Project must adhere to the timeline as presented to the CED Board. Projects will be required to report to the CED Board after completion of the project and one (1) year after completion date.

Questions and Contact Information

Rita Vigor, Carbon County Economic Development & Tourism Director
Phone: 435-636-3295